We are a group of aspiring parents who have been legally approved by the Italian Juvenile Courts to adopt a child/children. As required by Italian legislation, in order to apply for an intercountry adoption, we have all hired one of the adoption agencies authorised by the Italian government.

We draw our inspiration from the so-called ‘Hague Convention’* which recognises that intercountry adoption may offer the advantage of a permanent family to a child for whom a suitable family cannot be found in his or her birth country.

Due to a highly inefficient system in Italy, which appears to ignore both national and international guidelines originally intended to safeguard the international adoption process, many families end up waiting indefinitely for years to be able to offer this opportunity to children.

So the fundamental question is: – can this approach possibly be in the best interests of the children without families who are trying to survive in the world, or rather, could it be in the best interests of some of the agencies who are attempting to survive in Italy?

(* Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in respect of Intercountry adoption – The Hague, 29th May 1993)


In recent years, the Italian media has reported on the decline in intercountry adoptions in Italy. Various reasons have been cited but, interestingly, nobody has ever mentioned the numerous couples who have dedicated years of time and energy to the adoption process and who are a priceless resource for children without a family.

These same couples have made huge sacrifices in order to be able to invest considerable sums of money intended to cover the international adoption costs. But in many cases their applications have never left Italy and the money has seemingly disappeared into thin air! Many families have ended up stuck in dead-end, yet predictable, situations. This disgrace could have been avoided had the nominated competent authorities exercised an appropriate degree of diligence and vigilance.

“Family for Children” was set up to remind the Italian government that we exist. “Family for Children” calls on the Italian government to take appropriate measures to deter all practices contrary to the objects of the Hague Convention. We are asking for an honest, fully transparent and efficient system. Above all, we are asking the Italian government to consider the best interests of the children of the world who are waiting to have a family to call their own.

We would like to be able to complete our adoption journey. We would like to welcome children into our homes. As stated in the Hague Convention, we would like to contribute to the full and harmonious development of children’s personalities by enabling them to grow up in a family environment and within an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.